Here you'll find art of Jaquie November and The Spookiness created by the fans! Thank you all. <3

Kamiko by CM Addams

Jaquie November Cosplay by N1faping

Alraune by Lavender Youko

Jaquie by N1faping

Dullahan Brooke by Darkpowah

Kamiko by Darkpowah

Nathan Atos by Agent Jin

Howard by Darkpowah

M O T H M A N by Agent Jin

Brooke & Alraune by CM Addams

Oliver by Agent Jin

Negaverse Jaquie by Darkpowah

Jaquie November summoning Mothman by Soul Slappy

Jaquie & Mothman by Soul Slappy

Jaquie November (2017) by Agent Jin

Jack Greensborough by Metabad

Jaquie by Agent Jin

Jaquie November Fan Page 11 by Darkpowah

Jaquie November Fan Page 478 by Darkpowah

Tiny Celebrations by EvolutionsVoid

Jaquie, Wolfman, and The Headless Horseman by Agent Jin

Jaquie November by Agent Jin

Fan Comic by Super John Doe

Fan Comic by Super John Doe

H. Kopey Original Design by Metabad

Brooke Haith by Agent Jin

HORROR Birthday by Metabad