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-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● Jack Greensborough is the lead character from another series of mine, called Horror Fear!

Horror Fear is an intentionally terrible horror game I made back in 2010!

● Much like Jaquie, Jack has dealt with paranormal dangers throughout his life!

● Jaquie's mother, born Lyrah Ann Greensborough, is Jack's sister.

● Jaquie was named after Jack.

● Jack is Jaquie's uncle because of Lou Diamond Phillips. No, hear me out. I was toying with the idea of Jack and Jaquie being related, seeing as they have similar names, and make jokes and puns all the time. But Jaquie was Filipina, and I had no idea what Jack was. Then I thought back to how I had written that Jack Greensborough wanted to be played by Lou Diamond Phillips if there was ever a movie made about him. So the deciding factor was Lou's ethnicity. And sure enough, Phillips is Filipino! And thus, so is Jack, and the family is now all together!

● Aaaaand that's it for chapter 6! Thanks for reading, and expect some more character profiles next week before the new chapter kicks off!

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