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-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● Lifeside is the primary name for our own reality used by beings from other dimensions, especially those from Otherside.

● Otherside is a sort of broken mirror to Lifeside. It resembles our own world, but in a twisted, shattered way. This is where many spirits and beings linger, including Kamiko, and its tightly-knit connection to the human world makes it easier for entities to blend between the two.

● Darkworld is like a shadow between the two mirrors of Lifeside and Otherside- A lightless area where demons, vampires, and shadow people reside. This realm is filled with dangers, and is ruled over by Nosferatu himself.

● Underworld dwells beneath the other realms, and is a land of dust, and silence. Not much is known of this world, as none who enter may ever leave.

● And with that bit of extra info, we end Chapter 10! Hope you all enjoyed reading! Look forward to Character Profiles and Spooky One-Shots in the following weeks, as we prepare for Chapter 11!

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