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Page 154
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-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● Not being able to relate to anyone else about her supernatural experiences, nor being comfortable talking to her parents about it, Jaquie found a lot of comfort in being able to talk with Kamiko.

● Spending most of her younger days with Kamiko, and learning a lot from her, Jaquie almost sees her as another parental figure.

● The third panel shows a past scene of when Jaquie met Johnny Jiangshi.

● Jiangshi are an undead sort of vampire of Chinese legend. Being too stiff to move due to rigor mortis, they hop to chase their victims.

Johnny Jiangshi was originally drawn back in 2012, planned to appear in an early chapter of The Spookiness, but I never got to it. I may do a flashback chapter about him sometime!

● Hmmmmmmmmm another new page tomorrow?

● Another new page tomorrow!!

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