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Character Profiles S2 - H. Kopey

Character Profiles S2 - H. Kopey
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Eeeey! Iz H. Kopey! Okay? Okay! This is a character that was originally written for Horror Fear, the series that Jack Greensborough is from. He was to appear in a redux story that I've yet to get around to. Who knows, maybe I'll tell the story of Horror Fear in comic form, as a side story to Jaquie November!

H. Kopey's design is based on the concept drawing that my bud Metabad drew, after I told him about the character. I liked the design idea so much, that I just had to go with it. Once I got him on board to also voice the character, he later did many improv takes for Kopey, which really added a lot more to the character. Really looking forward to using this guy more!

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