Welcome to the ghostly comic adventures of Jaquie November and The Spookiness!

This comic was started December 15th, 2011, when I happened to doodle the Jaquie character for the first time, and decided to make her a paranormal investigator of sorts. I started the comic soon after, using only the Windows XP version of MS Paint.

The comic now continues on! This project will probably continue on for the rest of my life, so you can always expect some sort of update eventually. My intention is to have Jaquie encounter every mythological and paranormal monster and entity ever recorded, save those that fall under copyrights! If you know of a particular monster you would like Jaquie to face, feel free to contact me via message, or at NovemberSpookiness@gmail.com! All feedback and suggestions are welcomed!

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Enjoy The Spookiness!

A comic by Veni Mortem

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