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by Veni Mortem on 30th Sep 2021, 3:03 PM

Jaquie November and The Spookiness REMAKE is launching October 6th on Webtoon! We're finally here! Thank you all so much for your patience! Please stay tuned for the official release! 💜

Now with that said, I have not decided what I'm doing here at Comic Fury, which has served as the primary site for JNATS for many years. I will [i]absolutely[/i] be keeping this site up, but it may primarily serve as a place to keep character profiles and other information, fanart, and archiving the Classic version of The Spookiness. There [i]is[/i] a chance that I may post Remake episodes here as well, but it will all depend on if I can format things properly to the pages here, and if it's not too much of a hassle. The more sites I have to post to every week, the more frustrating it becomes, which is why I'm planning to make Webtoon the primary location for the comic. I hope that any readers still silently lurking here will make the jump with me to the new platform to continue on this spooky journey with me! 💜

Be sure to join the JNATS Discord server for all the latest news! 🦇


by Veni Mortem on 30th Jan 2021, 6:11 PM
Hey, BIG SPOOKINESS NEWS! I am currently in the process of REMAKING the early chapters of The Spookiness! You can get more details and WIP shots on the NEW public Discord server! Come join us for some spooky fun!!! http://bit.ly/JNATS-gg

by Veni Mortem on 19th Jan 2021, 4:49 PM
Hey guess what?!! You can grab this Jaquie November and The Spookiness STICKER over on TeePublic RIGHT NOW! 20% off for the next few days! 🦇💜

by Veni Mortem on 1st Oct 2020, 3:54 PM
Another mini update for today! As you may have noticed, I had been using Disqus for comments for a while now. But since ComicFury has recently updated its built-in comment section to be a lot more intuitive, I'm now using it again! I think that using the Disqus comments may have alienated the local ComicFury readers, so it's nice to return to what we started with! Guest comments are a thing too-- no sign-in required! Also, comments are now allowed on news updates like this, so feel free to leave feedback! I would LOVE to hear from you guys! 💜